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30 May

Planes of Power completed

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Quarm down!

Quarm down


We have come a long way from our first Plane of Hate raid with less than 2 groups in Classic to this point. It has been very fun journey and I have personally enjoyed it all the way. Thanks for everyone who was part of it and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Now the fun shall continue with more Plane of Time, Elemental Planes and maybe some fun guild events!

27 May

We enter PoTime tonight!

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Rathe Council and Coirnav down - PoTime access achieved

Rathe Council down


During past week we took down Rathe Council (4mins 40s between first and last one dead) and 

took flawless victory over Coirnav and his buddies!


Tonight we will go entertain ourselves in Plane of Time!

14 May

There is new Queen in town

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Xegony down - 2/4 left for PoTime access

Xegony down


Xegony was so far the most interesting fight in PoP. We had few hickups, but recovered from them swiftly and did amazing job overall. Coirnav up next!

Oh, and here is the new Queen:

New Queen

12 May

We are in Elemental Planes!

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Fennin Ro down - 3/4 left for PoTime access

Fennin Ro down


So we got full elemental access this week and decided to start our elemental raiding from PoEarthA. Earth ring events went down so quick and smooth that we had plenty of time left and as there where no interesting Open World targets up, we just swinged at PoFire and nailed it.

05 March

Aten Ha Ra down

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Aten Ha Ra down - Luclin in farm mode

AHR down


We figured out it would be nice to clear whole VT atleast once and that we did, next raids will probably involve more or less just farming AHR and selected few bosses from VT, since 2.5D+6.5D lockouts make it not worth clearing the whole place.

18 February

Emp Downed!

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Emperor Ssraeshza - Killed


We paid the Emperor a visit and killed him in his chamber like it's supposed to be killed. Was a fun fight and was awesome to see the great teamwork and coordination that was needed. Good Job Europa Agnarr!

MVP: Riggs - for once he didnt train and wipe the raid!

31 January

Velious completed



Since Luclin is around the corner, we finally decided to complete Velious


We have so far cleared all of the expansions during the era, which is quite nice achievement for casual guild and something to be proud of. Luclin will surely be even harder challenge than anything we have faced before, but we will continue the hard work towards progression, having fun on our own terms and relying on skills more than numbers.


Thank you for all the members for your patience and trust on officers to make right calls, couldn't have done this without you!



02 December

Another raid night another milestone

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We paid Vulak'Aerr a visit in ToV - Grats Europa Agnarr on another smooth kill

We didn't feel like we were done still so we went on and killed LTK and Sontalak for good measure :)

Below we present the spoils of war! :D

Loot Temple of Veeshan (3. hour), 01.12.17

icon Frostwrath - race 14 class 8 Temjin, 25 DKP
icon Frostwrath - race 11 class 11 Redweiler, 25 DKP
icon Mithril Helm - race 11 class 12 Supermodel, 92 DKP

01 December

Another milestone - The AoW down!

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So we went and visited Mr. Tormax, cleaned house and finished off AoW for the first time.

Good job everybody!

Loot Kael Drakkel (1. ), 30.11.17

To celebrate we went and paid CT, his pet draco and golems a visit in fear - Grats Derik - you liked that brain better than the one you had? ;)

16 October

Major achievement

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Congrats Europa Agnarr!

First attempt at Veeshan's Peak on our own was a smashing success!

3hours and 10 minutes later we had the zone cleared. Good Job!

And once again grats everyone on the phat lewts!

And since last week another player has made it to the MVP's section - BOLTHAN! for helping another

batch of players to get keyed to VP!


Image result for porn star gnome

02 October

Another Milestone

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So we have been working hard on the frustrating VP key. MVP's Danni and Murmeli for securing important parts for multiple members - (Next time face the Camera Danni :p )

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Had it not been for Danni and Murmeli we wouldn't be ready for VP for another 1 to 2 weeks.

We teamed up with Wraith Reborn who has been doing VP for a few weeks.

It was a successful and great experience to team up with them. Result =  Full Clear

(I actually enjoyed that everything wasn't pulled to entrance like on P99 - but we had to do some crawling :D )


28 September

Europa Progress

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It's been awhile since the last update.

We are farming these weekly:









See you later :)

12 August

Europa beats all classic content

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We finally managed to slay the vile bee queen in plane of sky, followed shortly after by sisters of the spire and eye of veeshan. Therefore, we can now say that we beat classic \o/

PS: Recruitment is still open for some classes (see the top left corner) to fill our raids!

10 July

Lord Nagafen DOWN!

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Don't mind the filthy halfling in the front, the real work was done by our gnomes.

Stolen Valor : Murmeli! race 15 class 16 Murmeli


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